You are the most important person in the world to the people who love you!

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You are the most important person in the world to the people who love you!

That was the message that John Maher shared with year 11 and 12 students at Trinity College this week when he came to share “Carmen’s road safety presentation“. SLM Law proudly sponsored John’s attendance at the school as we see the impact car accidents have on families in our community and we hope that by bringing this presentation to our community lives will be saved. The most dangerous time for drivers is when they have just got their licence and the safest time is while they are on their Ls learning to drive. That is why we believe it is particularly important for kids aged 16-25 to hear John’s presentation.

Over the last 18 years, I have helped numerous people who have suffered injury in transport accidents and their families to get compensation for their injuries. I continually see the heartbreak both death and serious injury on our roads have on families, friends and our community. That’s why I am incredibly passionate about educating drivers regarding road safety and why SLM Law offered to sponsor John’s presentation to students who have just got their licence or will be getting their licence in the next year or so.

John’s presentation is thought-provoking and gut-wrenching as he shares in intimate detail the car crash and death of his beautiful daughter Carmen, killed at just 18 due to fatigue. John is an amazingly powerful speaker and many students were moved to tears. John is a transport accident victim/survivor himself and it is the passion he shares in telling Carmen’s story that makes people of all ages sit up and listen.

What I love most about John’s presentation is he really does make people realise they are the most important person to those people who love them. He also reminds us that a car crash is not just a car crash it’s a life-changing event and that when we hop into a car with another person we are literally gifting them our lives.

It was obvious by the attention paid by the students at Trinity this week that they were engaged by John. I’m sure his presentation and his daughter Carmen will stay with them and hopefully they will think. They will think before getting in a car when they are tired or if they have been drinking or if they’ve taken drugs and they will think about who they get it to a car with and consider whether they can trust that person with their precious life.

We are having a horror year on the roads with 59 more deaths to date than at the same time last year. There has been 190 lives lost on our roads this year. Then for every one death, there is approximately 12 people seriously injured on our roads. That’s a lot of lives affected when you think about the family, friends and communities affected by those deaths and serious injuries. That’s why educating people about the risks associated with driving and what can be done to reduce those risks continues to be incredibly important. We thank John for caring enough to share his story and in doing so keeping the memory of Carmen alive and hopefully saving someone else’s child.

Find out more about Carmen’s Road Safety Presentations on their Facebook page.

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Road safety advocate John Maher, third from right, spoke to young Colac drivers about staying safe behind the wheel. Pictured from left are Meagan Compton – Director SLM Law, Abbey Kerr, Ruby Nelson, Ann Cunningham Personal Injury Lawyer SLM Law, Jack Holland and Mikayklah Steele.


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