SLM Law can assist you in pursuing outstanding debts against individuals or companies.

The process involves forwarding an initial letter of demand followed by the commencement of proceedings (usually in the  Magistrates’ Court or County Court) to seek payment of the outstanding debt. Often we are able to recover debts or negotiate a payment arrangement with a debtor without the need to commence legal proceedings.

We can advise you regarding all aspects of the debt recovery process and we have a great deal of local knowledge which can assist if the debtor is in the South West region. Some lawyers and debt recovery agents approach debt recovery with a ‘one size fits all’ strategy – at SLM Law we carefully consider each debt recovery file individually to minimise costs and to maximise the prospect of successfully recovering the debt.

You should bring any relevant documents (such as invoices, any correspondence you have had with the debtor, a copy of the contract) to your first appointment.

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