There is a perception that conveyancing is an easy process and that anyone can do it, but this is not the case. Property law is an extremely complex area of law and our lawyers will guide you through the process – from signing a contract to settlement.

Conveyancing is the transfer of ownership of real estate from one person to another. This does not necessarily have to be by way of a sale – it may be as a result of a gift, a devise in a will, or a transfer to a beneficiary by a trustee.

At SLM Law we are very experienced in dealing with a broad range of real estate whether it be your home, an investment property, a commercial property, a farm or assisting you with a subdivision. We have extensive knowledge when it comes to properties located in South West Victoria and we also regularly act in relation to sales and purchases of properties in Melbourne and other parts of Victoria.

While conveyancers are trained to follow a process, lawyers are trained to know why the conveyancing process exists in the first place.

Engaging the right lawyer to attend to your sale or purchase is essential for the following major reasons:-

  • Firstly, in relation to a sale, it is important that your contract and vendor’s statement are properly prepared. We too often see poorly prepared contracts and vendor’s statements which leave vendors exposed and can result in the purchaser walking away from the contract.
  • Secondly, in relation to a purchase, it is crucial to have a lawyer critically look at the contract and the vendor’s statement and to negotiate for the removal of any onerous special conditions and to advise you in respect of any possible ‘red flags’ contained in the paperwork. It may seem obvious, but only a lawyer is able to provide you with legal advice.
  • Finally, engaging a lawyer can prevent or minimise the potential for things to go wrong between signing the contract and either receiving the sale proceeds or becoming the registered owner of the property. If things do go wrong (for example, as the other party is not meeting their obligations pursuant to the contract), your lawyer will work closely with you to deal with and overcome any obstacles.

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