Blazeaid volunteers work through the winter and work up an appetite

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WHILE the paddocks around our region are far greener than only a few months ago, the job to repair the damage inflicted by the St Patrick’s Day bushfires lingers.

Blazeaid volunteers have been kicking goals for more than three months with the job set to take up the rest of the calendar year.

That hard work fuels many an appetite, so the staff at SLM Law ensured they would do their bit to thank the Blazeaid volunteers for their tireless efforts.

Ann Cunningham, Stuart and Julie Holbery, Shaun and Cassie Moloney, Bernie and Terri Sinnott took part in cooking, serving and cleaning duties last week.

“It is quite incredible to see the set up that Blazeaid have at the Go Kart Club in Cobden,” Ms Cunningham said.

“It was great to meet the volunteers who are going out in this horrible weather to clean up the burnt fences and install new fences.

“Some of the volunteers have come from as far away as Tasmania and Gippsland to assist.”

Ms Cunningham said more volunteers were needed to ensure Blazeaid’s important work continued throughout the winter months.

Anyone with some time available is encouraged contact camp coordinators Chris and John Male at Blazeaid Cobden.

“We learnt that you don’t have to have any fencing skills as the skilled volunteers will be able to give you jobs to do and you may learn some skills along the way,” Ms Cunningham said.